English course - A2 level


Revision: Present simple “to be”, “to have”, possessive's ; Present simple (review), - 

- Frequency adverbs;

- quantifiers (some/any, a lot of, much, many, a few…)

- Can/can't;- Past simple of “to be”;

- nations and nationalities;

- Demonstratives;

- Plurals;

- articles;

- Can;

- object pronouns/possessive pronouns;

- quantifiers/containers;- countable/uncountable;- Past simple (positive, negative, interrogative);- Compounds No-Some-Any;- Adverbs of manner.


Basic adjectives, personal information, jobs and professions, family; daily activities, freetime activities; the time; house and furniture, places in the local area, home life; expressions ofpast time; memories and dates, food.


Writing informal emails; Describe family members; Shopping in a clothes shop;ordering in a restaurant; giving personal information, describing people, talking about one’sfamily and possessions, Talking about habits; talking about one's free time telling the time;Talking about quantity describing your home; Talking about past events giving dates.